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About Michael Salois

If you are looking for a Realtor who is smart, informative, real estate savvy, responsive, fast to act, and works hard on your behalf.
I am the Realtor for you!
Here are a few reasons to give me a call when you or someone you know needs a realtor to buy or sell a property. 
• I am a full time Realtor and a San Diego Native. 
• I have 15 years’ experience!
• I sell 20 - 30 homes per year, most listings sell within 30 days!
• I call people around my listings searching for buyers!
• I market my listings heavily on the MLS, Google, Facebook and all Social Media!
• I search the MLS daily, find the hot properties and let you know about them right away!

I sell a lot of homes, answer my phone when it rings, I am completely transparent, I give you updated information (good or bad), I do not play games, and I simply do a great job for my clients.
My job, my goal, and the reason I chose to become a Realtor, is to help you get what you want in the time you want. Give me a call and let’s discuss getting your needs!

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